John Herd

CEO Founder

John Herd was born and raised in the greater Seattle area attending Western Washington University. He spent many years heading up a regional search firm and then founded a multi-state recruiting company in 2009 with offices in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Phoenix.

Early in his career he watched emerge and change the way companies hire almost overnight. That was a game changer, but the low-tech Craigslist held its ground for many years providing a great service. Being the owner of a staffing agency John has used and tried all the job board, always trying to find the best one.

That meant hundred of sales calls, demos, free trials, memberships, lunches, conferences, and frustrations. Most importantly, John sat on the side of knowing results from using a variety of job boards over his career. He either found candidates who got hired or he did not receive the right resumes. After 20 years in the recruiting industry John realized he is an expert in job boards and decided to combine all his knowledge to create his dream board.

We have a lot of ideas and are going to create the ultimate central hub for finding a job. Many of our ideas have never been tried and we are excited to create a simple user experience so everyone can find a Career a Job or a gig. We are all in different places in our lives and we hope to help you find whatever you are looking for.