About US

Keep it simple, have a lot of jobs and make it affordable!

Career Job Gig started in 2020 by John Herd, the founder and his long-time friend and IT associate Raman Kauer with the belief they could build a better job board. John has spent the last 20 years in the recruiting industry watching the rise and fall of many job boards and noticed too many common mistakes.

Keep it simple.

Our goal is to deliver a job board with the best technology at a simple price structure. John believes too many bait and switch and pay per click pay structures leave a bad taste in the consumer's mouth. If it is free, it is free, and you do not need to add a credit card.

Pay per click bleeds the client and essentially tricks them to pay a lot more. Many companies just want to post a quick job and move on. That is why we highlight our post a quick job feature so companies can post and go. Of course, companies can also login, create a profile and manage all their jobs as well.

Have a lot of jobs.

Career Job Gig has partnered with Straviso a Texas based software product company to help create a central hub for job seekers. With Career Job Gig you see thousands of jobs that never make it to other job boards. We aggregate and post jobs directly from a company's website to our board and have a manual post feature so anyone can add their openings. This helps job seekers see all the jobs and not just what a company chooses to post. Our machine learning technology runs 24 hours a day meaning, you will see the jobs here first, often weeks prior to a company deciding to post to an external site if at all.

Make it affordable.

Our site is free. We have not even tried to figure out how to charge a company yet.

Just enjoy the site and find your dream job while we build out and grow. Someday we will charge but Our promise is to create the best job board around with the most jobs at a very low price.